Monday, September 24, 2007

Looks of the Day - 8

1st Year - Finance Accounting & Management

"I especially like the vest that he's wearing. It has the almost velvet-like texture with really nice crafted buttons!! Most vests tend to make one look like a bartender but not in his case. Overall, I think his casual preppy dress sense is quite appealing."


"The choice of combining a low v-neck shirt and vest outside his fitting shirt was smart. Overdressed for campus, but very well overdressed."


"This guy has one thing down. The stripes against plain satin/silk? Is hot.. and in. The cut of the shirt and jacket is a sleek slim cut making his upper body looks undeniably attractive. I would however put him into a darker and looser fit jeans which may hide his hideous (yet probably practical comfortable) slippers if he insists on wearing them.. guys..who CAN actually get them outta their slippers eh?"


Adeline Pek
1st Year - Pharmacy

"The outfit was safe. White shirt, jeans, matching colors of flats and bags. Simple, but not that overwhelming. I think it would appear more stylish if she wore slim fit or skinny jeans to give it more of a chic look. The white shirt is simply cute and her hair is lovely though."


"Aww... pwetty little thing.. more girls should learn from her that you just can't go wrong with white and jeans. She kept the accessories at bay with simple yet classic pieces. However, the folded up jeans make her legs seem shorter than they are as they add unwanted chunky details. Jeans that are too long should be sent folded in or sewn in to elongate legs and give a boost to the figure line. But this gal got it almost right..a true classic look that just works."


Postgraduate - International Business Management

"The simplest casual look guys usually go for. He did it well, and his watch gave the finishing touch."


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