Monday, December 10, 2007


Hello everyone....we would like to apologize for not keeping the blog updated for the whole November...our moderators have, as always, been very loyal and spending time on thinking how to bring this blog alive again, but we must sadly say that our team cannot continue this blog further as we do not have any Nottingham students who are willing to contribute to this blog by being photographers or fashion reviewers. It is a very upsetting decision for us to discontinue this blog as it has actually received positive responses for the starting two months.

Well, thank you anyways for the impressive support you all have given to this blog.....:)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October Voting Results

Hi everyone....votings for October season is closed...and the Nottilook favorite of this month???? Sali Zain....yay!! Seems like her layer style has captured our voters' heart...congratulations!!!

Do keep up your support towards this blog...can't wait for November!! :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Looks of the Day - 6

Patience Baatweng
Computer Science and Management Studies

Mayada Mutasim Ahmed
Postgraduate - Electrical Engineering

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Look of the Day - 5

We are truly sorry for the lack of updates this month....our team members have been very busy lately, but we promise to keep on posting and hunt down all fashion lovers in Nottingham...;p

For today, please welcome this playful guy....:)

Foundation - Engineering

“His dressing implies a life full of fun. His choice of such a humorous bag was well balanced by the easy casual wear and very basic colors.”


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Looks of the Day - 4

Riski Harisa
2nd Year - Management Studies

"Her candy-striped shirt is really outstanding. It's striking and loud. Above all, I like how she toned it down a little with dark shades for her jeans and veil".


"The lines work well on her as they elongate the body, and the color scheme seems to have worked well on her too. She should however find a jean type that suits her body better".


Raana Majid
2nd Year - BEM

"This suit works wonders with its simplicity and charm. I simply love the peach and white combination which works well on almost every skin tone. Her loud bag compliments her outfit as well. A personal preference would be to slip on more feminine slippers".


"I'm really impressed by the way she matched her entire outfit. The
colours and floral theme blended well. What I appreciate most about her attire is the fusion - her traditional attire had batik floral prints which is very awe-inspiring yet uncommon".


Monday, October 8, 2007

Look of the Day - 3

Finance Accounting & Management

"Simple beach look... brave guy to choose yellow. Bringing back the light!"


"I like how the floral yellow shirt gives an extra sparkle to his skin tone. Khaki shorts would match this shirt even better."


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Looks of the Day - 2

Sali Zain
Foundation - Engineering

"Layering is in right now, though in the humid Malaysian weather, we take our hats off to you if you can pull it off....:) She chose initial layers well with a bright pink giving her a blast of color. However, the scarf and the footwear do not work for me in this outfit. The scarf is just adding bulk to her figure with what looks like heavy fabric and colors that clash with her top. Pull off the scarf, let the hair loose and slip into flats or a stunning pair of low heels to pull this look off."


Karin Wijeratne
2nd Year - Computer Science

"The dress is a casual, playful clothing item that has the versatility to go from night to day in an instant. This outfit's main item is the dress and the rest of the accessories are kept to bare minimum. The color sets of her skin tone well though i feel she could have rocked the look with more feminine footwear and earrings."


"The dress fits beautifully on her, but I do think she should of slipped on a more classy yet casual slippers if she was trying to pull off a sexy careless look."