Sunday, September 30, 2007

Look of the Day - 1


"I love the colors she has chosen. Blue truly makes her stand out. The gold belt gives her outfit an extra kick, and her light make up only adds to her features. A well thought of outfit and look."


"I like how she accesorized herself with the gold belt. It prevented her abdomen from looking disproportionately long as long t-shirts tend to do so. However, instead of boot cut jeans, I think long t-shirts go best with leggings or skinny jeans. Her Zanzibar inspired necklace didn't quite match her outfit in my opinion, as something more retro would do better. Nonetheless, I'm really impressed with how she colour coordinated her whole outfit. I love the blue eyeshadow!"


"The blue shade looks amazingly gorgeous on her. However, I think it would appear more bold if she sported black-colored pants and flats instead. Another suggestion is not to wear silver and gold together. As her shirt buttons and belt were gold, her hoop earrings could have been gold as well. Consistency of theme is essential to be aware of from top to bottom."


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